Sharon Cozens

Homeopath at Work

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Barningham 01359 221645

Innate Family Chiropractic Centre
Norwich 01603 625898

in Suffolk & Norfolk


Feeling unwell, a member of your family ill?

Usual treatment not working?

That’s exactly why I first used Homeopathy, and as a result, ten years ago, I requalified as a Homeopath, now supporting women’s health issues specifically.

There really is more to health than just ‘feeling ok,’ which is why I use Practical Homeopathy to help my patients ‘feel good.’ This means I often give dietary, nutritional and lifestyle advice during my consultations, helping my patients help themselves – which is exactly what Homeopathy does.

Referrals to me, from other therapists and clients, relate to a huge variety of health issues and brings me patients of all ages, backgrounds and genders, which keeps me on my toes as a Homeopath.

Do give me a call if you have a query about Homeopathy or how I work.